Roof damage can happen in Chicago more than you would think!

Whether it's caused by hail, wind or fallen branches, it is crucial to take action after a catastrophic event. Damages to your roof can develop into much bigger problems over time!

It may look like minimal roof damage, but experts confirm that wind and hail damage to your roof is a major reason to call a roofing company like TAR Restoration.

We want to make this process with minimal hassles, especially when dealing with your home insurance provider. Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to file an insurance claim for roof damage.

Here's how untreated hail or wind damage can ruin your roofing system over time:

After a significant amount of hail impacts the shingles, the bond between the granules and asphalt layer no longer exists. Normally, you will only be able to notice these loose granules where your downspouts drain. Have your roof immediately inspected if you start to see this happening.

When granules are missing, that particular area of the shingle is now exposed to weather. Sunlight can now deteriorate your shingles at a much faster rate, and water can wash away more loose granules. Also, shingles normally expand and contrast, but hail damage can make them curl, crack and chip more often.

A roofing inspector will be able to determine whether the hail and wind damage to your property is newer or older. Insurance companies typically set specific time a homeowner can file a claim after a storm event. TAR Restoration has maps which show the affected area from wind and hail damage that allow us to know when your roof sustained damages from the storm.

If the shingles begin to allow a leak, the roof damage can become severe, where the water can begin to damage your walls, floors and personal property.

Call TAR Restoration right now if you think your roof has been affected by hail and/or wind damage, and let us inspect your roof at no obligation. Yes, TAR Restoration offers free roof, siding and gutter inspection, so call now!